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We have 2 types of products detailed below: our rheoscopic fluids and some devices that we have made with our fluids

KaleidoFlow™ Rheoscopic Fluids


Educational / Hobbyist Formula

This formulation of the fluid uses less expensive materials and processing to produce a cost-optimized version of our rheoscopic fluid.  It will work great for most applications.

Our E/H fluid is available in 4, 8, 16 and 32 ounce bottles.  And, we offer 2 "kits" that combine a bottle of fluid and 2 sheets of polarizing film. 

Professional Formula

This formulation of the fluid uses more robust materials and more complex processing to produce a version of our rheoscopic fluid optimized for clarity and resistance to contamination.

Our E/H fluid is available in quart and gallon bottles.


E/H Formula SDS

Pro Formula SDS

Product Brief for Both Fluid Versions

Fluid Developer's Guide

Laminar Sciences Corp Store



We at Laminar Sciences have created some devices that show off the magic of our fluid.  And, we hope, inspire others to create even better devices.

Our devices are currently hand-built (3D printers, manual assembly, etc), and naturally contain some flaws and blemishes.  Therefore we currently only sell them at shows where customers can examine them before buying.

Laminar Sciences Corp Store

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