2016 Fluid Naming Contest

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Incremental Results from our Maker Faire Naming Contest

We had amazing participation in our naming contest at Maker Faire!  Our thanks to all who participated.   We received 429 naming entries.  As of May 26th PM, we have distributed the names to the judges, who will be looking at them over the long weekend.  We plan to announce the winners later next week.  We will keep updating this page throughout the judging phase of the contest.
June 8 Update: The judging team met earlier this week and did arrive at some winners.  Some background work is being done right now and we anticipate announcing the winners by the end of the week! 
June 14 Update: We have chosen the winners!  It took a little longer than I expected, but we have arrived at the winners.   We are now contacting the 1st place winners - 2 people picked the same name - and will be rolling out the results after we connect with them. 
Early 2017 Update:  We haven't forgotten about fluid naming, but it hasn't been our top priority (obviously).  We love the name "ChromaFlow" - but it turns out that GE has registered that name for a diagnostic fluid...  we fear even if we paid our lawyers lots of money to investigate, they would come back saying our fluid use is too similar to GE's and so we wouldn't be able to use the name...   But stay tuned - if we win the lottery, we may go back to the lawyers with a big pile of money :)

1st Place

2nd Place

Honorable Mention

$200 & Small Project Kits

(Cash prize split between winners) 

$50 & 2 Small Project Kits

2 Small Project Kits



Jose Gonzalez, San Jose

Rod Jeong, San Francisco 

Hay ????
(no response to my emails) 
"Liquid Kaliedascope"
Dan Elliott, Sacramento 

Names using
Louisa, Laura, Jo, Patrick, Richard, Claire, Maryana 

Friday Contest Names

67 Entries

Saturday Contest Names

200 Entries

Sunday Contest Names

162 Entries


Note: these word clouds are presented to show our progress in transcribing the entries into digital form.  Popularity of a word or phrase does not indicate a better or worse chance of winning the contest
To refresh memories, here are the contest process/rules:

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