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A Brand Name for our fluid:  Laminar Sciences Corp ran a naming contest for our fluid at Maker Faire 2016.  We got many entries that used forms of "Chroma," "Kaleido," "Rainbow" and "Mezmerizing" in them.  At the time, our panel chose "ChromaFlow" as the winning contest entry.   Over the next year, however, two things happened: research showed that several other businesses, and many artists, were using the term "ChromaFlow" for their products or creations; and, we test marketed a batch of our little squares as "KaleidoKubes" - and the buying public seemed to like the name.   We then performed a small market test on the term "KaleidoFlow" and it worked well.  So Laminar Sciences mgmt has decided to create and use the term KaleidoFlow™ Rheoscopic Fluid for our fluid products.


Future Events

We are evaluating the following events. If site visitors have additional events we should consider, please send them to mike@laminarsciences.com

  • Association of Science-Technology Centers (ASTC) Annual Conference [San Jose in Oct 2017]






Past Events

2017 Bay Area Maker Fair

A wonderful show with lots of discussions, enthusiasm for our fluid, and lots of naming contest entries.  Follow the naming contest judging results using the link below 


2017 Naming Contest

2016 Maker Faire Bay Area

Laminar Sciences had a modest, but very busy booth in San Mateo May 20, 21 and 22.  More than 800 visitors; 429 entries in our naming contest; and lots of great discussions about using the fluid for Kinect Art or Flow Visualization.

2016 Fluid Naming Contest

LSC Maker Faire Video

2016 Spring Northern California / Nevada section of the American Association of Physics Teachers

Laminar Sciences presented a poster on the fluid - and met a lot of great physics teachers! 

GFM 2005
Laminar Sciences attended the American Physical Society's Division of Fluid Dynamics conference in Chicago, Nov 20 - 22, 2005.  We entered a video and a poster at the "Gallery of Fluid Motion."

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